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Top Picks Seen on The Galway Advertiser

Abigail Ferrer

Posted on March 21 2019

Top Picks Seen on The Galway Advertiser

Too often nowadays fashion brands tend to forget about comfort, leaving more and more customers disappointed. But shouldn’t fashion make every woman feel beautiful and comfortable?
Luckily for us, many brands are finally moving towards the right direction, with high-end designers including more sizes and high street brands finally focusing on comfort.

On this week’s Galway Advertiser, Mary O’Connor has chosen Golden Spiderweb to demonstrate that fashion can be comfortable too!

The Irish brand, designed for women who are over 35, features a selection of brands that will make you feel good in your skin. As Mary says, “gone are the days when hitting 50,60,70or 80 years meant that you had to conform to a certain look”, brands like Golden Spiderweb make it easier for women of all ages to feel stylish every day.

The model below, for instance, is wearing the Closed Wrap Chain Print Dress (€59.00), perfect for an early Spring look.

The floral print and modern wrap design make this the perfect dress for an elegant party or a day out. If you like to accessorise your looks, then the Gold Green Bead Set (€30.00) is the perfect choice to give your look an elegant yet modern touch.

Complete your outfit with a pair of heels or wedges and a matching shawl and you’re ready to head out!

Dresses, however, are not for everyone. If you’re a trousers-lover, then Golden Spiderweb has what you need! Whether you like wearing plain trousers like the Bow Tie Pocket Trousers (€43.00) below, or you prefer something more unique, like the Drawstring Floral Jeggings (€42.00), you will definitely find what you’re looking for at Golden Spiderweb.

And while the main focus of the brand is to make women over 35 feel stylish, the family-owned company is also invested in producing high-quality garments that will last longer. In her article for the Galway Advertiser, Mary O’Connor pointed out the many soft materials used in the collections as she picked her favourite tops.

The model below is wearing the Pleat Back Button Shirt (€42.00) and a pair of comfortable Diamonte Leggings (€22.00). The top’s simplicity makes it the perfect versatile garment to wear with a pair of plain leggings or a skirt if you want to go for something more elegant.

To complete your look, choose a co-ordinated bag like the Gold Chain Quilt Bow Handbag (€39.00).

Softness is especially present in Golden Spiderweb’s outerwear collection. From coats to lightweight jackets, if you’re looking for something to keep you warm and cosy until the weather gets warmer, look no further.

Mary chose the 2 Pocket Button Jacket below as one of her top picks and we can see why! Perfect to be worn with a dress or a top, this 2 Pocket Button Jacket (€55.00) comes in a unique lemon colour that will make your outfit stand out.

If you are over 35 (or even if you aren’t!) and you want to feel stylish without giving up your comfort, Golden Spiderweb is the right place to start looking for your next favourite garment!

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