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The January Sale Continues, As Seen On RTE Fashion!

daniela pisciottano

Posted on January 14 2019

The January Sale Continues, As Seen On RTE Fashion!

The holiday season is now over and we’re all back to our normal lives; running errands every day, picking up the children from school, going back to the office or getting back to our chores.

January is not exactly the most exciting month of the year per definition, however, no one says that we can't turn it into something much more exciting than what it is. Of course, after all the Christmas shopping, you might be short on money and, although this doesn’t seem like the best time to go shopping, many brands have decided to extend their January sales, allowing you to have a little bit of extra time to treat yourself!

Golden Spiderweb is one of these brands, with all year round sales and offers, the brand offers great fashion at amazing prices, perfect for your daily duties as a woman, mum, wife or worker. In today’s episode of RTE Fashion, in fact, we see many outfits that are currently reduced, perfect if you're looking for affordable yet stylish fashion.

We have selected a few outfits to talk about in this article, however check out the video below if you want to see more amazing fashion at great prices!

We start with the model below, who is wearing the V Neck Mohair Jumper, now on sale for €25.00, perfect to keep you warm, especially if co-ordinated to a soft scarf and a cosy coat, like the Tie Wrap Coat, available in black, grey and mustard for €35.00 instead of €69.00.

Complete your outfit with a pair of comfortable Heart Bow Stud Pocket Trouser (on sale for €31.50) and, if you want to give it an elegant touch, like the model below, choose to wear a pair of classy yet simple heels.

The next outfit seen on RTE Fashion features the Pocket Pleat Jersey Dress (which you can see below), now available for €44.25, matched to a cosy Pearl Open Poncho (€33.75), available in grey and pink and perfect to give your outfit a unique finishing touch.

The model completed her look with some classy accessories and a Chain Square Fur Handbag, now on sale for only €15.00 and available in beige and grey.

While the previous outfit features a casual-chic dress, perfect for a day look, the next outfit we see is much more elegant and suitable for a night out or a fancy event. Although we're talking about a simple top and a pair of trousers, thanks to the beautiful co-ordination of shoes and accessories this look has the perfect glamorous touch to it.

The model is wearing the Rose Lace Back Mohair Top in cream, still available on sale for €51.75 matched to a pair of the Heart Bow Stud Pocket Trouser, available in any colour you like (these include grey, khaki, navy and black) for only €31.50. The finishing touch is the Pearl Ring Bag €17.50, a beautiful silver bag (also available in black), that will give any outfit a great glamorous touch.

To complete our selection of outfits from RTE Fashion, we have chosen the look below, perfect for all the sporty ladies out there.

The model is wearing the super comfortable Drawstring Jersey Jeggings, available in black, white and red for €31.50 and perfect to be matched to a cosy hoodie. She is in fact wearing the Hoody Shimmery Jumper & Pendant, available on sale for €22.50 instead of €45.00.

To complete the look, the model is wearing a few accessories co-ordinated to her white trainers. Golden Spiderweb has a wide range of accessories that vary from the most elegant ones to the most casual, like the Pearl Fur Lined Hat used for the outfit below, now on sale for €15.00.

These are only a few of the garments and accessories now on sale at Golden Spiderweb so, if you want to browse through more, make sure you check out the many reductions available on the website and in store now!

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