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Prints For Everyone!

daniela pisciottano

Posted on November 13 2018

Prints For Everyone!

Prints for everyone, as seen on the Connaught Telegraph!

Winter clothes are almost always boring and monotonous, with such colours as beige and grey, almost as if we were inspired by the grey skies and bare trees to choose our clothes.

But what happens when a fashion brand puts out an autumn-winter collection made of animal prints and almost bohemian floral prints? Golden Spiderweb has decided to reinvent the idea of winter clothes, creating a collection of garments that includes all the typical colours mentioned above as well as many beautiful prints to give your wardrobe a stylish touch.

From the Floral Fine Knit Long Skirt below (€65.00), to Leopard Print Pocket Tunics, available in wine and brown for €47.00, the selection of garments from the 2018 autumn-winter collection is wide, allowing every woman to find the perfect clothes for every occasion.

This floral long skirt is perfect to be co-ordinated with a pair of boots and a soft jumper; choose from the many styles and colours available in Golden Spiderweb's knitwear collection. The brand, in fact, started as a company specialised in knitwear and then expanded their collections to more fabrics and styles.

If you prefer something like a blouse or a tunic to go with a pair of trousers or leggings, then the next outfit is perfect for you. The model below is wearing the Leopard Print Pocket Tunic, similar to the one seen on the Connaught Telegraph, available in navy and purple for €47.00.

Hower, if you're not an animal print lover, Golden Spiderweb’s “dreamy floreal prints”, as defined on the Connaught Telegraph, will make you fall in love. The brand specialises in the production of clothes and accessories using different textiles and prints and, if you're a floral print lover, Golden Spiderweb is the place to go.

The model below is wearing the Floral Jersey Pocket Tunic, available for €55.00. This tunic is perfect to be worn with a pair of comfortable leggings and a nice co-ordinated cardigan.

In fact, choosing a dress, tunic or blouse with a floral or animal print can be quite a big statement and, to balance out your outfit, you should combine it with simple finishing touches, like a cardigan or jacket.

The model below is wearing the Mohair Wrap Cardi (€49.00), soft and warm, perfect for the cold season! This cardigan is available in white, wine and rust.

The choice is wide when it comes to floral prints and, if you're looking for something more elegant, then the next dress is perfect for you.

This white 3/4 Sleeve Pocket Dress, on sale for €25.00, is the perfect garment for a night out. This versatile dress is perfect to be worn with a pair of high heels for an elegant outfit or with a pair of comfortable trainers for a casual day look, like the one below.

Prints are extremely in vogue this season and, as seen on the Connaught Telegraph, there are many different ways of styling your garments to come up with stylish outfits.

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