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How To Look Good: As Seen On The Galway Advertiser

daniela pisciottano

Posted on November 08 2018

How To Look Good: As Seen On The Galway Advertiser

Writer Mary O’Connor presented a few outfits from the Autumn Winter Golden Spiderweb collection on the Galway Advertiser this week, addressing the secrets to looking good.

Inarguably, the biggest secret to feeling good is to be confident in your skin; it’s not always about what you wear, but how you feel about yourself while wearing it. Golden Spiderweb does a great job at empowering women who want to feel comfortable in their clothes without having to renounce to style.

The first point Mary O’ Connors makes in the Galway Advertiser is to experiment with colours and fabrics. How many of us keep always wearing the same colours and fabrics sure that nothing else will look good on us? Golden Spiderweb can help you change that, offering a wide range of garments, which vary from Silk Frill Tunic dresses (€59.00) to Fine Knit Tunic dresses (€55.00) like the one below.

Once you have found an alternative to your go-to style, why not accessorising it? The model below is wearing a Snake Print Pocket Dress (€49.00), as seen on the Galway Advertiser. To complete her look, she is wearing a scarf and a co-ordinated hand bag.

If you like accessories and you too want to co-ordinate your bag with a nice scarf, then the choice is wide! Among the beautiful scarves sold by Golden Spiderweb you can find the Jewellery Scarf below, available for only €30.00 in many colours, including black, navy and beige.

Another great trick Mary O’Connor suggested is to play with fabrics to disguise figure flaws. How many of us, in fact, feel uncomfortable when wearing tight clothes that seem to highlight all of our flaws? Matching a dress with a coat will help you hide bulges, increasing your self-esteem.

The Tie Wrap Coat below, available for €69.00, it is the perfect garment to match to a dress and create a classy outfit that will make you feel comfortable at the same time as fashionable.

A good tip is dressing in one colour, a trick to help you look slimmer. Golden Spiderweb offers a variety of t-shirts, trousers, leggings and much more available in basic colours like black, blue or white.

If you’re looking for an all black outfit to go out in or just something casual to go to work, then why not choosing a Basic Fleece Lined Top (€20.00), matched with a pair of simple Diamond Stud Jegging (€42.00), like the ones used in the outfit below.

If you want to add a touch of glamour to your outfit, then wear a print jacket or cardigan, just do it in moderation. As we just said, in fact, it’s better to dress in one colour when you want to appear slimmer, however, a moderate use of prints will give your outfit the perfect finishing touch. The cardigan below is the Hoody Zip Pocket Cardi, available at €45.00.

These were only a few of the tips that Mary O’ Connor gave her readers on the Galway Advertiser. Golden Spiderweb offers all the garments and accessories you need to replicate the outfits above so, if you’re looking to shake up your style, look no further!

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