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Comfort Meets Style At Golden Spiderweb: As Seen On The Liffey Champion

daniela pisciottano

Posted on January 19 2019

Comfort Meets Style At Golden Spiderweb: As Seen On The Liffey Champion

Today, Golden Spiderweb was featured on the national newspaper Liffey Champion in an article dedicated to the Irish family-owned brand and how they are allowing women to stay fashionable and cosy at the same time.

No one, in fact, ever said that to be stylish one has to suffer, be cold or uncomfortable and we don't see why you should give up your comfort in the name of fashion! There are many brands out there, Golden Spiderweb is one of them, that allow you to shop for amazing fashion without having to spend a fortune on garments that you will wear once and never again for the rest of your life. So, to help you in your search for the perfect garments to keep you warm this winter, we will summarise what has been said in the Liffey Champion and give you some tips on how to stay stylish yet cosy this Winter.

The right jackets for the season

If you have read the Liffey Champion today, then you will have probably noticed the beautiful red poncho featured next to the article. Golden Spiderweb offers a wide variety of coats and jackets to keep you warm during the Winter and these include cosy cardigans and soft ponchos.

The model below is wearing the Check Poncho, available on sale in red and white for €29.50 and perfect to be co-ordinated to any outfit, from a total-black look featuring a top and a pair of trousers (like the one below), to a casual chic dress worn with a pair of dark tights.

If you're into the idea of wearing a poncho instead of a traditional jacket, then you should check out all the different styles and rest assured that you will find the perfect one for you, whether you like patterned things (like the Frill Diamond Pattern Poncho for €20.00) or elegant ones (like the Cashmere Poncho for €48.75).

If, on the other hand, you would prefer a more traditional jacket, then the Leather Trim Roll Neck Coat, available for €41.25 in navy, grey and lilac will be the perfect choice for you!

Wear this jacket for a simple yet sophisticated look and co-ordinate it to a casual-chic accessory, like the Arrow Buckle Suede Bag, available in blue for €17.50.

The print of the season

As seen on the Liffey Champion, the print of the season this Winter seems to be Tartan; from trousers to skirts, if you like this print Golden Spiderweb is the right place to go.

The model below is wearing the Stretch Waist Tartan Skirt (€33.75) as seen on the newspaper, co-ordinated to a simple black top, like the Basic Fleece Lined Top, available on sale for €15.00.

If you aren't a fan of skirts, then choose between the Stretch Waist 3/4 Tartan Trouser (on sale for €33.75) and the Stretch Waist Tartan Trouser (on sale for €36.75), both extremely elegant and perfect to be worn with a simple top and a pair of ankle boots or stilettos.

The perfect coat for the Winter

Last but definitely not least, the Liffey Champion featured one of Golden Spiderweb's most popular coats; the Tie Wrap Coat, now available for half the price (€35.00) in red, grey, black and mustard. This coat is the perfect choice if you want something to keep you warm without giving up your style.

This cosy coat works wonderfully if co-ordinated to an elegant dress, like the 3/4 Sleeve Rose Dress (available in white and navy for €25.00) and a pair of classy heels to complete the look!

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