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Chris Kavanagh's Outfits From The Nationalist

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Posted on November 13 2018

Chris Kavanagh's Outfits From The Nationalist

Award winning blogger and fashion stylist Chris Kavanagh has presented some outfit ideas on The Nationalist (Carlow Edition) this week. The stylist used Golden Spiderweb’s garments and accessories to style some great outfits, see some of them below!

The model is wearing the Sequin Scoop Neck Silk Top, available for €59.00, with a pair of the very comfortable and stylish black Diamonte Leggings (€22.00). This is the perfect outfit to go out for a morning coffee or an afternoon catch-up with your friends. Wear a necklace or some bracelets to make this outfit even more glamorous.

Golden Spiderweb offers a wide choice of leggings and jeggings like the ones showed above, perfect to create stylish outfits without having to wear restraining trousers or jeans.

Thanks to the leggings' versatility, they can be matched with a blouse, like the outfit above, or with a casual dress, like the navy Leopard Print Pocket Tunic (€47.00) below. The same print is also available as a dress and in many colours, including purple and wine, to satisfy everyone.

If you're a print lover, then the next outfit presented by Chris Kavanagh on The Nationalist is perfect for you. The Snake Print Pocket Dress (€49.00) is the ideal garment for a classy look. Thanks to the veratility of this print, it can be co-ordinated with many different accessories and colours. The model below is wearing a black scarf and handbag with a grey dress, as seen on Ireland AM.

However, if you would rather stick to the grey colour scheme, you can co-ordinate the dress with a grey scarf and handbag, as styled by Chris Kavanagh below. Breaking down colour schemes is in fact a good idea to give your outfit a more casual look, however, if you want to create something more sophisticated and elegant, keeping a neutral colour scheme (such as all-grey) will give your look a perfect elegant touch.

The Snake Print Pocket Dress is also available in blue for €55.00.

If you've come across The Nationalist piece featuring Golden Spiderweb then you will have probably noticed that the only accessory pictured in the article is the Circle Chain Fur Bag, available for €25.00 in wine and black. The bag, pictured below, is the perfect finishing touch for every outfit, making your style stand out from the crowd.

The fur handbag is one of Golden Spiderweb's signature accessories, featured in many outfits, from casual ones to more elegant ones, as seen or Ireland AM and RTE Fashion.

The last garment mentioned in The Nationalist is a grey Tie Wrap Coat, available in grey and red for €69.00. Golden Spiderweb offers a wide variety of coats and jackets, from the most elegant ones, like the Tie Wrap Coat below, to the casual Hoody Parka Jacket, available in Khaki and Taupe for €59.00.

Whether you want to get inspired for a new outfit or you just want to keep up with the latest trends, Chris Kvanagh's take on Golden Spiderweb's Autumn-Winter collection is the perfect starting point!

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