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All About The Jeans: As Seen In The Galway City Tribune

daniela pisciottano

Posted on April 12 2019

All About The Jeans: As Seen In The Galway City Tribune

Comfort is becoming one of the highest demanded qualities of a garment these days. More and more consumers, in fact, have decided to ditch the old idea that "pretty hurts" and are now more concerned about their wellbeing. The great news is that many brands are starting to act accordingly, producing garments that allow you to stay fashionable yet always comfortable. Golden Spiderweb is one of these and, on today's Galway City Tribune, Denise McNamara has described some of the best garments from their latest collection.

The real start of the article, however, are jeans! Yes, you read that right. Comfortable jeans are finally making a comeback in fashion, as people are interested in getting a pair of fancy jeggings to add to their wardrobe.

If you, like them, are looking for the perfect pair of comfortable jeans, then keep reading, as we have selected a few of Golden Spiderweb's best jeggings to show that it is possible to be stylish without giving up comfort!

As Denise McNamara said on today’s Galway City Tribune, "ageing gracefully is all in the jeans" and we couldn’t agree more!

The model below is wearing the Denim Blue Stud Jegging, now on sale for €21.00, perfect for a casual day look.

Thanks to their versatility, however, you can switch to an evening look very quickly, just pick a pair of elegant heels and you’re ready to head out.

Jeans, however, are not always the most comfortable choice and luckily leggings and jeggings exist. The model below is wearing the Stretch Waist Jersey Jeggings (€21.00), perfect for a sophisticated day look.

The subtle elegance of these jeggings is what makes them so special.

For those who love more elaborate looks, however, Golden Spiderweb offers a variety of leggings and jeggings featuring pearls and tiny studs. The model below, for instance, is wearing the Pearl Denim Leggings (€22.00), perfect for a shiny, elegant look.

This type of leggings is the perfect alternative to jeans. You can find that there are many styles and colours available, from the Diamonte Leggings (€22.00) in blue to the Butterfly Leggings (€22.00) in black.

If you thought that jeggings would only come in shades of blue and black, then we have great news for you: they don’t!

Browsing through Golden spiderweb’s trousers, you will find many different styles and colours, like the beige High Waist Stretch Jeggings (€43.00) below. The model is wearing an elaborate top, perfect to balance the simplicity of her jeggings.

If, however, you’re more of a casual-wear type of lady, then choose to wear the beige High Waist Stretch Jeggings with a plain white top and some matching trainers and you’re ready for a nice stroll or a relaxed breakfast with your friends.

These comfortable yet stylish jeggings are also available in navy or white, perfect for any type of look or event.

So, whether you’re a fan of jeans looking for a more comfortable alternative or you’re already a jeggings supporter, Golden Spiderweb is the place to go for your next favourite trousers!

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