All About Cardigans... As seen On The Evening Echo

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Posted on November 26 2018

All About Cardigans... As seen On The Evening Echo

Today, writer Emma Connolly wrote a piece about Golden Spiderweb exclusively for the Evening Echo about the comeback that cardigans are having this season. The many outfits and garments presented in the piece, in fact, all revolved around cardigans and how these can be used to put your outfit together.

Golden Spiderweb offers a variety of cardigans in different colours, styles and fabrics and, if you're looking for the perfect elegant touch to your outfit, a cardigan could be the perfect choice for you.

The model below is wearing the Diamond 2 Pocket Mohair Cardi ( €59.00), as seen in the Evening Echo. The cardigan, available in orange, navy, beige, grey and black, has a beautiful fleck detail, which makes it the perfect garment for an elegant but cosy look.

If you would prefer a cardigan with a hood, then the beautiful Hoody Zip Pocket Cardi will be perfect for  you. The cardigan, available for €45.00, comes in many different colours, including navy, black, grey and grey-black.

Thanks to the cardigans' versatility and the varierty of colours used, most of Golden Spiderweb's cardigans can be co-ordinated with many different outfits and styles.

If the first two garments we have seen had very neutral colours, there are also many other cardigans that come in a variety of shades. If you're looking for something more wintery, perhaps to attend a Christmas party, then the Mohair Wrap Cardi (€49.00) is the right choice for you. This cardigan comes in white, rust and wine and, thanks to the soft material used, the Mohair cardi will keep you cosy and warm all Winter!

Besides soft knitted cardigans, Golden Spiderweb also offers a wide choice of parkas. Below, in fact, you can see the Hoody Parka Jacket, available for €59.00 in taupe and khaki.

If, on the other hand, you would prefer a "waist-lenght" parka, then the Hoody Parka Jacket (€49.00) in pink, khaki and taupe is the right choice.

For more of a statement piece, then what you're looking for is something like the Long 2 Piece Cardi (below), available in pink and beige for €95.00. If, on the other hand, you're looking for something warmer or you're not too sure about the 2 piece cardi length, then choose the fine knitted Embroidered Rose Long Cardi, available in beige and purple for €69.00.

Finally, it's also worth mentioning the many Coats & Jackets  available at Golden Spiderweb.

The model below is wearing the Pleat Knit Zip Jacket, available for €49.00. The garment, available in navy and black, is perfect cosy jacket for the winter!

The blue Rose Print Scarf (€35.00) is the perfect accessory to co-ordinate to this cardigan or, alternatively, choose Golden Spiderweb's Jewellery Scarf, available in many colours for €30.00.

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