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A Golden Wardrobe: As Seen On The Sunday World

daniela pisciottano

Posted on December 23 2018

A Golden Wardrobe: As Seen On The Sunday World

 We’re two days away from Christmas and deciding what to wear seems harder during the holidays season than ever. Family dinners, office parties and drinks with friends are only a few of the activities are only a few of the activities you’ll probably engage in in this season so how can you have enough outfits to feel trendy on each of these occasions?

A good advice is to use accessories to make your look unique; a classy necklace can make a blouse quickly turn from a day to night look. If, on the other hand, you would rather use garments to embellish your look instead of accessories, then cardigans are the golden element you’re missing. Paired with a casual blouse, an elegant garment like the below can give your outfit a casual-chic look straight away.

Wear it now and in the future

What’s special about Golden Spiderweb, as mentioned on the Sunday World as well, is the versatility of their garments and, when you’re looking for garments to go with more than one outfit there’s nothing better than versatility.

The Irish family-owned brand offers a great variety of garments and accessories, perfect for every occasion, which will allow you to have a stylish look both during the holidays and in the next seasons.

The model below is wearing the Wrap Glitter Body Top, now on sale for €21.00, which combined to an elegant skirt like the Sequin Pleat Stretch Waist Skirt (on sale foe €32.50) can make a very elegant outfit, perfect for the holiday season.

The top is also available in wine and red and, if matched to other white and red accessories, can be the perfect Mrs. Claus inspired look that everyone will love, especially children!

If the previous outfit was totally Christmas inspired, the look below is perfect for the Spring and can be paired with a variety of accessories to guarantee a unique look every time.

The Leopard Print Cross Over Dress, on sale for €34.50 is perfect to be worn with a pair of sandals and matching sunglasses for a Summer look. If you want to use it during the Winter, however, this dress can be easily matched to a cardigan and some low-ankle boots, which will make you feel cosy yet glamorous.

School runs and dinner dates

We have talked a lot about Golden Spiderweb’s versatility throughout different seasons, but have we talked about the variety of occasions you can wear their clothes on?

If you’re looking for something comfortable for an hectic daily routine, then the outfit below would be perfect for you. There’s nothing better than a pair of leggings and a top to pick your kids up from school. The model is wearing the Drawstring Trim Pocket Jeggings matched to a white t-shirt and some comfortable trainers. The trousers are available for €35.00, perfect for a comfortable yet stylish look.

Another great occasion for a Golden Spiderweb look is a dinner date. Although the brand is mainly specialised in the production of comfortable clothes for a day wear, you will find that they have a range of products perfect for evening events. The model below is wearing the  V Neck Sleeveless Dress (on sale for €25.00), a perfect elegant solution for a night out. Match this dress to a pair of elegant heels and a jacket and outfit is almost done.

Choose to complete the look with an elegant accessory, like the Snake Diamonte Necklace, for €12.50, which will sit perfectly on your décolleté.

Postnatal comfort

Last but not least, something that was mentioned on the Sunday World is the fact that Golden Spiderweb is a brand ideal for women who are looking for comfortable clothes, especially new mums. Postnatal comfort is definitely something worth considering when thinking about the easy-to wear clothes available from the brand.

For instance, the wide range of leggings and jeggings is perfect to give you comfort without giving up your style. The Drawstring Jersey Trouser below, also available in a jersey colour for €45.00 can be matched to the beautiful Embroidered Off Shoulder Silk Top (€51.75) to create the perfect comfortable outfit to wear after giving birth to a little one.

Thanks to their evergreen look they will come in handy when you will have to run after your toddler in a few years as well!


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